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In a bold move, earns the most viewed Ad Title in the Super Bowl on Youtube

Considering that airing a 30-second ad costs around $7 million, a 2-minute video ad would cost at least 20 or even 30 million dollars just to air.

YouTube's most-watched Super Bowl LVII ad featured Melissa McCarthy in which she took us on a musical journey filled with gorgeous vacation getaways "Somewhere, anywhere".

A variety of beautiful destinations are featured in the video. A fancy hotel with an amazing breakfast, a pool, and sunny weather compared to the winter weather most places are experiencing. Boy scouts experiencing a forest with images similar to beautiful fairy tale movies.

In the following scenes, she eats ham while wearing a mask and receives a full VIP service foot massage.

Then, in the mountains, she finds a very unusual jacuzzi waiting for her to jump in it during beautiful but freezing weather. A talking lizard that is funny, but not Geico's, Melissa jumping on a bed, a bar full of nice people drinking beer, and a king-sized bed with Melissa wearing queen-style bedclothes.

She is later shown at a beautiful beach "somewhere anywhere" with people singing and dancing and kids happily playing in the sand. In the end, she and her partner decide on an amazing location, from which they are able to enjoy the spectacular view of natural and colorful mountains.

While the video is extremely funny, it also tells a story about how traveling can be an enjoyable and fun experience. It really makes people want to book a vacation right now. Congratulations to, Melissa, and the entire team for creating such an original and beautiful piece.

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