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In a bold move, LinkedIn is improving its video experience and boosting user engagement

If you're looking to increase engagement with your videos, one effective way to do so is by including captions in them. This allows viewers to follow along with the video and read at the same time. Additionally, including captions in your videos makes them more accessible to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Also, people are more engaged with videos when the content is engaging, accessible, and easy to understand. That's exactly what captions and transcripts do. Adding captions and transcripts goes beyond boosting engagement. It actually improves the user's video viewing experience.

This is why LinkedIn is improving the video-watching experience by adding a new and amazing video automatic captioning tool to generate captions and help people to understand the content.

With automatic captions, LinkedIn aims to make videos more accessible to the deaf, hard of hearing, and those who prefer not to hear videos with sound.

When you upload videos to LinkedIn, captions will be automatically added. You can implement them immediately or review and edit them.

Additionally, LinkedIn is adding a high contrast mode to the mobile app, which adjusts colors to make it more accessible to people with visual disabilities.

Thanks to LinkedIn's automatic captioning tool, people are now able to upload new content with captions without having to buy any expensive video editing software or transcribe videos themselves.

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