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Marketing is in big trouble in 2023!

Marketing is in a crisis. With the rapid shift to digital, companies are struggling to keep up with their marketing strategies. While competition is constantly increasing and evolving, consumers have become more informed and demanding, expecting more from the companies they buy from. As a result, many companies have to rethink their marketing approach, from the content they create to the methods they use to reach their audiences.

From the increased use of technology to the rise of social media, companies need to find new, original and creative ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace. To grow engagement, a click-bidding competition strategy is no longer enough; ads and offers must also be highly relevant to gain interest. The challenge is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each company needs to find the right combination of tactics, channels, and messages to make an impact on its target audience.

Companies must be willing to experiment and learn from their mistakes in order to be relevant and competitive in today’s changing landscape. To stay ahead of the game, companies must stay on top of the latest trends and technologies, and be willing to take risks.

When it comes to taking risks, a pivot in your target audience might be a great one to consider. There is no doubt who is the target audience and what the need is when selling water in the desert. However, Business-to-business and software development businesses, have a harder time identifying if their customers are interested in obtaining their services in another city, state, or country. The most effective way to find out is by testing and targeting different audiences.

Be open-minded and willing to accept that your target audience might not be where you think it is. By knowing where your new audiences are, what interests they have, and what marketing messages and creative strategies to use, you will be able to stay ahead of the competition and try different approaches to different markets that haven't been discovered or exhausted yet.

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