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Studies find a shocking increase in AI marketing usage.

As a result of a study conducted by Bynder, numerous companies now use AI tools to optimize their marketing strategies. Over 55% of Bynder's surveyed clients use artificial intelligence (AI) in their content creation processes and search engine optimization (SEO). This growing trend of integrating AI into marketing practices is aimed at boosting overall business performance.

Bynder, a digital asset management platform, surveyed 104 clients, including notable brands like Spotify, Canon, and Puma. The objective was to examine how these companies were adopting AI tools to enhance their marketing teams' efficiency and productivity. Of the respondents, more than 55% acknowledged using AI to automate laborious tasks, thereby improving their productivity levels. Among those clients employing AI, 54% reported leveraging the technology to generate initial content drafts, spanning from social media posts to copy for landing pages.

The study also found that AI is utilized for optimizing content, rectifying spelling and grammar errors, and paraphrasing information. Consequently, marketing teams have effectively used AI for brainstorming ideas, creating compelling hooks, and conducting research tasks.

Moreover, AI has been deployed to repurpose content and develop brands' unique voices, as companies recognize its potential to enhance the quality of marketing materials. One respondent shared that allowing AI to learn a company's desired tone of voice and speaker level could be highly valuable.

Businesses and professionals have increasingly integrated AI tools into marketing efforts, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT. A Skillshare instructor who teaches a ChatGPT course for creatives revealed that the AI chatbot optimizes her SEO practices and helps her write product descriptions. Over 3,500 new students have enrolled in her course as a result.

Similarly, Jacqueline DeStefano-Tangorra, the founder of a boutique consulting firm, has utilized ChatGPT to create industry-specific articles and generate personalized business proposals.

Prominent executives within the marketing industry believe that AI has the potential to significantly impact a marketing team's bottom line. Jonathan Adashek, senior vice president of marketing and communications at tech giant IBM, emphasized the importance of embracing AI as part of a content strategy to avoid falling behind competitors.

Bynder's survey respondents envision utilizing AI for more advanced tasks in the future, such as personalizing website content based on individual browsing history or developing chatbots to enhance website navigation.

The importance of AI should not be undermined by the need for human creativity, however. According to Warren Daniels, chief marketing officer at Bynder, businesses should integrate AI into existing processes to free up time for creative work. AI should be viewed as a tool that empowers human creativity rather than inhibiting it.

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