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The 4 crucial benefits of creating an ABM activity and department?

  1. The main benefit of establishing the ABM department will be to focus on growing the conversion rate, improving the campaigns and budget optimization, lowering the cost per acquisition, getting a better ROI, and meeting the growth objectives of a company.

  2. Having an ABM department and a target list, allows the marketing and sales department to have a clear focus on the customer’s persona, meaning, knowing the relevant job titles to target, company industry, company size, etc. By doing so, it will be much easier to implement strategies for effective marketing campaigns that will meet the marketing and the sales team's objectives.

  3. With an ABM department, it is highly efficient to launch several campaigns on a targeted list. Then it will be possible to collect data from the results and understand the campaign's performance. Finally, it will be feasible to make the necessary modifications from AB testing and comparison activities.

  4. By having an ABM department, it is easier to focus on exploring several marketing strategies and take action on creative activities that will affect the down funnel results from the top target account list.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or comments below, and if you'd like to add any benefits to the list.

Thanks for reading!

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