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Tip: The top 3 crucial benefits of creating Linkedin campaigns

  1. The powerful segmentation tools for targeting and Lead Generation. The variety of tools will enable your narrowing to be as specific as possible. You can target based on company industry, company size, the growth of the company, the job titles, skills, and much more. You can target a very specific audience that you think will be highly relevant to your business.

  2. The platform allows you to have different targeting goals. Are your targeting goals more focused on brand awareness? Is it more website visits and engagement? or are you more focused on lead generation? No matter which goal you might have, Linkedin offers a variety of different options for you to choose for the specific campaign goal suitable to your needs.

  3. The availability to avoid and exclude a specific audience. Do you want to exclude a specific company from your targeting audience? Or maybe there are many industries that are not relevant to your business? It's all good, Linkedin will always allow you to have a lot of types of exclusions of companies and people that you can avoid while selecting your target audience. With that, you won't be worried about receiving a lot of irrelevant leads that might waste your (or your sales department's) precious time.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or comments below, would you add any benefits to the list?

Thanks for reading!

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