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Top 7 Tips for awesome & Targeted lead generation

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

#1 Use social media websites with powerful tools for targeting and segmentation for Lead Generation (Linkedin for example). Not only because 80% of B2B leads come from these platforms, but also, they have a variety of tools that will enable your narrowing as much as possible. You can target based on company industry, job title, skills, and much more. #2 Define your goal You need to be very specific in what your goal is. You can ask yourself, what do I want to accomplish? But be specific: Do I want more sales? That’s not good enough. By how much? 50%? 100%? Be as specific as possible so you will more easily identify what to do. #3 Get experts in the area. You can’t do everything, and you are not an expert in everything. Ask the top experts in the industry for help. For example, for highly targeted lead generation, you could consult with a company that has a good trajectory and proof of concept in the area. The years and experience will always be a good factor in determining how successful your campaigns and results are going to be.

#4 Try to understand your expectations. This is very useful to not get punished by the harsh reality. Success most likely does not come overnight. There is a lot of hustling, growing pains, and challenges to overcome. If you want to triple your sales, then make a strategic plan, and understand if your budget is realistic to accomplish those goals. Know how much time a lead takes to convert to an actual customer (the lifecycle of the buyer). Getting familiarity with all possible aspects of your business, will help a lot in the long run for you to have a clear picture and realistic expectations of what you need to do and how to do it. #5 Take action Taking action is a very crucial decision that you need to do in order to convert your plans and philosophical ideas into a reality. You need to actually proceed and execute. If you need to advertise, then start launching campaigns or hiring ad agencies that will help you to spread the word about your business and will make it possible to potential clients to get to know about your products and services. #6 Keep track of your results and A/B test Always keep track of your results. This will help you to understand whether a strategy or a campaign is working or not. In case of not working, then you can clearly identify the issues, and make the necessary changes to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. A/B testing will allow you to compare the ads to see what is working and what is not and why. Is it the graphic design? Is it the message? Is it the targeted audience? All these questions and more are going to be answered when you A/B test your ads in your campaigns.

#7 Base your decisions mostly on data. Data is the most reliable tool businesses can have. It removes all the possibilities of the opinions that lack any type of knowledge. The Starbucks concept was considered very stupid by a lot of smart people, but those “geniuses” didn’t know the data, the market, and the reality. To finish the story, we all know the success of Starbucks despite the enormous amount of negative predictions. So don’t base your decisions on what people think or even what you think. Ask yourself: are these actions and assumptions because of what I think of or is it based on results and data? This simple question will help you be more aware and focused on the data, audience behavior, performance, and numbers, not only on what you think you know. If you want to learn more about launching campaigns on Linkedin for super targeted lead generation, feel free to ask any questions at:

Also, please feel free to share your thoughts or comments below. Do you agree or disagree with this list? or do you want to add any tips to the list?

Thanks for reading!

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