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Which is bigger, a chimney hole or the size of a reachable audience on Linkedin campaigns?

The question may seem strange, but how does the size of a chimney hole relate to the reachable audience size of a Linkedin campaign? The chimney can fit only 1 person, obviously the reachable audience of a Linkedin campaign is bigger. However, it is not obvious how much bigger the audience is compared to the chimney hole, and the answer varies.

One of the most important factors in determining the success of a Linkedin campaign is the size of its audience. The larger the audience, the more potential customers and clients your campaign will reach. However, the size of your audience is not the only factor that affects your success on the campaign. The quality of your audience, the engagement of your followers, and the type of content you share are all equally important.

Having an audience size that is too small can also be problematic. If you don’t have enough audience, it can be difficult to create a meaningful engagement and build relationships. Furthermore, if your audience size is too small, the campaign won't even be admitted since your campaigns will need a minimum of 300 potential ad viewers.

Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to expand your audience on Linkedin campaigns. You can use organic strategies such as trying companies industries, different job titles, locations, company sizes and many more. You can also use different strategies such as sponsored content, sponsored InMails, and different types of Linkedin Ads.

Ultimately, the optimal size of your audience for the Linkedin campaigns will depend on the goals you have set for your business. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, having a larger audience is essential. However, if your goal is generating leads and building relationships, you should look for quality over quantity, since

when it comes to lead generation, you want relevant leads that can generate business, instead of having hundreds of thousands of users who will never convert.

Getting back to the original question: Which is bigger, a chimney hole or the size of a reachable audience on Linkedin campaigns?

Although the answer is evident because in a chimney hole you can barely fit 1 person (or 1 Santa Claus), it is worth considering whether you want to expand your brand awareness or generate leads. Lead generation should target a narrower audience size that represents your marketing persona or ideal customer that will likely acquire your services. In contrast, if you're trying to increase brand awareness, you should target a broader audience to generate engagement and interest in your brand.

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