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Advertising to get excellent ROI can be confusing.
Let us make it easier!

Advertise on Linkedin | Lupa Lead


Our top experts will know what to say and to whom, depending on your business. Let our experience and skills make your advertising super relevant to generate great leads.

Create Leads on Linkedin | Lupa Lead


We will create relevant leads by analyzing and performing campaign optimization and monitoring the campaigns to make sure the campaigns are creating cost-effective leads.

Monetize from the Linkedin Leads | Lupa Lead


Ready for your Lupa Leads?

Now it's time to monetize!

Just make sure the leads are being contacted asap and that your sales team knows from which campaign they came from.

You should expect over 50% of relevant leads.

key features

We generate your business leads

We are a lead generation agency with the mission to remove the stress of growing companies. We believe businesses should spend their time improving and growing their business and not stressing about figuring out how to get high-quality leads or where to find them.

Why get Leads through Lupa Lead?


With over a billion professionals. Our extraordinary segmentation features for targeting audiences have never been seen in any other platform.

Amount of users worldwide.

Linkedin Marketing agency | Why Leads through Linkedin

High traffic platform.

Why Leads through Linkedin

Amazing audience segmentation.

Why Lupa Lead uses Linkedin?


Linkedin provides powerful segmentation tools | Lupa Lead
Linkedin Marketing Agency
Linkedin Campaigns
Define Marketing Goals and Budget | Lupa Lead


Define Leads Goals

Understanding your goals is essential to focus and clearly see where you are going and how to get there. How many leads do you want to get, and what criteria to use in order to understand which type of campaigns suit you the best.

Why Leads through Linkedin Define Goals

Define your Lead Goals

Why Leads through Linkedin Define Goals

Define your budget

Why Leads through Linkedin Define plan

Define a spending plan

Why Leads through Linkedin Plan for Results

Let's plan how to achieve your best results.

Track Your Leads

It is fundamental to have a Database system linked to your campaigns to understand what happens with the leads once they are waiting for your call.

Link Linkedin to a Database

Link your campaigns to a Database.

Tracking new leads

Keep track of the new leads.

Contact the leads

Contact the leads.

Monetize from leads


Track your Leads and Monetize | Lupa Lead


Track to optimize | Lupa Lead
Targer the right audience | Lupa Lead

Target the right audience

Defining the right target audiences will be crucial to make sure you are reaching your potential clients.

There are many factors involved in this process. Our campaign management team will analyze and determine how to reach your potential clients in the most cost-effective way.

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