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3 New Sharing LinkedIn Features to Add Into Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

To help businesses expose their solutions in an easier way, LinkedIn, the most popular professional website, is constantly developing new features and functionalities.

During the past few months LinkedIn introduced 3 new interesting sharing tools you should check out and add into your LinkedIn strategies. Each of these are highly useful to increase your website visibility and improve your business development activities:

1 – 📌 Pin a post

You can now pin posts and comments that will appear as the top featured comment most visible to everyone in your audience.

You can use this tool to promote an article, an idea or a post relevant to your business for awareness, engagement or even lead generation. For example, you could pin a post with a call to action to sing-up to a news letter, or even an event that you are planning to promote that will hep your business to be at the top of the mind of potentially future customers.

2 – Make an instant repost

With LinkedIn's instant repost feature, you can re-post content to your audience instantly. This feature reminds me to the highly popular Twitter’s retweet due to the similarity of the concept, allowing users to re-post someone else's content.

One downside is that you cannot add your own comment to the repost, which is counterproductive when sharing content to build brand awareness.

The story doesn't end there!

3 – Below the button Repost, there’s a new feature to “Share with your thoughts”.

Now you could also add your thoughts in the content you are re-sharing.

How to re-share a post with or without my thoughts on LinkedIn?

First find a post you think is relevant on LinkedIn. Below the post click on the Share button. From the dropdown menu, click on Repost or Share with your thoughts button.

It's now easier than ever to enhance your LinkedIn strategy with these three simple tools.

What do you think of these 3 new LinkedIn updates?

Thanks for reading!

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