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Linkedin with now 900 million members continues to rise, setting new engagement records.

The business-oriented social network LinkedIn has continued to grow, reaching a new milestone of 900 million members. This marks a significant increase from the 690 million members it had in April 2019, highlighting the platform’s continued success in engaging and connecting professionals around the world.

Not only did Linkedin's user base grow by 210 million. LinkedIn may soon reach one billion users. LinkedIn reported that its members have been more active than ever, with approximately half of its members visiting the site or app every month. This engagement has also translated to record levels of content creation, with more than 32 million posts and articles being published on the platform every week.

Does LinkedIn have a lot of active users?

Since only Linkedin has the actual data, it's almost impossible to say, but some reports suggest Linkedin sees over 300 million monthly active users. Given LinkedIn's ongoing engagement growth, the total number could easily be higher than that.

What makes Linkedin so popular?

LinkedIn’s success can be attributed to its ability to offer a unique mix of features that can help professionals find jobs, network, or build their brand. Along with its job search capabilities, LinkedIn also offers users the ability to join Groups, follow influencers, and post content to the platform.

As LinkedIn continues to expand its member base, it will be really interesting to see how the platform evolves, what features will be added and how it can continue to be a valuable resource not only for professionals but also marketers looking to target specific audiences. With its large and engaged user base, LinkedIn is well-positioned to be a top leader in the professional networking and marketing space.

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